Camp Rules and Behavior Policy

  1. Camp Rules

  1. Be Safe: Follow all safety guidelines. Listen to and obey camp staff and instructions. Stay away from areas that are off-limits. Swim only with a lifeguard present.
  2. Be Respectful: Respect your counselors, fellow campers, and their property. Listen to others and use polite manners.
  3. Be Kind: Be kind with your body and words: no stick or rock throwing, hitting, play fighting, wrestling, name-calling, bullying, verbal threats, swearing, etc. Be positive, share your smiles, speak well of others, include other campers and share God’s love.
  4. Be a Good Steward: Take care of the beautiful environment God has created for us: no littering or damaging the natural environment.

Behavior Management Policy

We use a trust-based relational approach to behavior management, which means that we strive to build respectful relationships between campers and staff and between campers. We provide campers with choices and the opportunity to voice their concerns, creating a safe environment. We model appropriate behavior and encourage good decisions. However, we recognize we don’t always make good choices. When campers make poor choices, our staff will take the following steps:

  1. Incentive Program: To encourage good behavior and correct unwanted behaviors, an incentive program is used. Points will be rewarded for targeted behaviors to earn daily rewards and the big reward of the week-the Friday night sleepover.
  2. Redo: Campers will be offered a redo- an opportunity to make the better choice. Redos give the camper the chance to practice making better choices, and we all need a second chance.
  3. Time: If the undesired behavior persists, the camper will be given quiet time to gather themselves and discuss with a staff member how the situation could improve or just have a moment to regroup. The staff acts as a mentor and advocate helping the camper to make the best choices possible.
  4. Loss of Fun Time: If undesirable behavior continues, the camper may lose time from fun activities in 10-minute intervals. Parents will be informed if this action is needed.
  5. Sent Home: If undesirable behaviors are unmanageable, or if behaviors endanger the physical or emotional health of the child or other campers, parents will be contacted and asked to pick up the camper.