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BFG changes lives!

  • We address the critical issue of illiteracy with effective researched-based literacy instruction, support, understanding, and encouragement! As a result, our campers are bound towards successful, meaningful futures.
  • We provide our four-week camp at zero costs to our campers’ families. That means we need committed partners to make Bound for Glory Camp a reality.
Literacy Tutoring Per/Child
Meals and Snacks Per/Child
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The need for BFG!

  • Children from lower-income homes lose an average of two months of reading skills each summer, known as the “summer slide.”
  • Students living in poverty and struggling with reading are the most at-risk students not to graduate high school.
  • The inability to read is directly linked to poverty, depression, unemployment, drug abuse, and crime.

Good News!

  • Strategically planned summer programs have proven to not only lessen summer learning loss but increase reading skills to get students back on track.
  • 89% of students in poverty who read at grade level by 3rd-grade graduate on time, and at the same rate as students who never experienced poverty but did struggle with reading early on.
  • All of our campers show improvements in their literacy skills!