Through community and Christ, campers discover God has purpose and hope for their lives. We work hard to ensure that our campers learn new perspectives about their difficulties and have ample opportunity to discover and strengthen their talents. Bound for Glory Camp is founded on Christian principles and the belief that Christ is the most tremendous encouragement one can share. 


We offer Christian worship music, prayer, and Bible devotions each day of camp. Bible studies focus on who Jesus is and what He offers to each of us. Lessons are gentle and sensitive to the fact that campers have diverse faith backgrounds. Campers do not need to be of any religious affiliation to attend camp, and participation in faith-based activities is not mandatory.


We employ staff and acquire volunteers that have also struggled with reading and have gone on to find success in their lives. Campers have the chance to hear their stories of difficulties and achievements and ask questions as to how they persevered, giving campers the motivation and hope they need to continue to work hard and seek God's purpose for their lives.


Instructors and counselors are trained in the strengths associated with reading learning differences. It has been proven that such minds have specific areas of abilities such as creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, engineering, artistic skills, and science. We seek to help our campers discover these gifts in themselves and promote positive self-awareness.


Having a camp community of individuals with similar backgrounds and learning styles eliminates feelings of isolation that most people with learning differences have. We encourage campers to own their learning styles, advocate for their needs without shame, and share their experiences to inspire others.

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